About Your Club

Council of Management

The Council of Management (COM) is appointed at each Annual General Meeting (AGM). AGM’s are normally held in April. Articles of Association Number 39 reads “At the AGM, one third of the members of the Council for the time being, or if that number is not a multiple of 3, then the number nearest to one third, shall retire from Office”.

The Council of Management are all volunteers and include the key Officer positions of Chairman, Finance Director and Company Secretary. All of the other Directors are responsible for specified responsibilities. 

The COM hold meetings on a Monthly basis. A quorum of more than half the total number of Directors is required at each Board Meeting. Minimum of 5 and maximum of 9 Directors.

The COM determines policy for the business, manages specific aspects of the club’s operations and are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws & club rules.

All aspects of the club’s operations are the responsibility of the Council of Management. 

Rink Usage Committee

The Rink Usage Committee is responsible for the bowls activities at the club and meets monthly. This is chaired by the Director for Rinks Usage.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is chaired by the Director responsible for Social Events.  They meet monthly.   All activities are advertised on the Main Notice boards, on the website, on the Club TV screens and in regular newsletter updates.

Other responsibilities

The following areas are allocated to members of the Council of Management:

  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Technology
  • House and resources
  • Financial Management
  • Sponsorship
  • Catering/Bar


All members of the Council of Management are volunteers, and we rely on a team of willing volunteers to man the reception desk, work on the Bar or undertake maintenance work, required from time to time in the Club.

We also have a number of Coaches, who all give their time willingly.

We are grateful to receive offers of help from members. If you feel that you have any skills that the Club could use please contact any member of the Council of Management or the Club Manager.

Please check out the volunteering opportunities open to you at the Club.


The club aims to ensure that members are kept fully aware of events being held at the club. Minutes of the monthly Council of Management meetings are displayed on the notice board. These tell members how the club is faring financially and give an update on future developments within the club.

A monthly newsletter is emailed to all Club Members who wish to receive it. This contains the latest information on events held or planned at the club and recent bowling activities. Photographs of the Council of Management are shown on the notice boards. 

Competition winner’s names are shown on the respective ‘Honours’ boards in the restaurant area.

If you would like to sign up to the Royals Newsletter please email twroyals@btconnect.com.

Bowlers on the rink at Tunbridge Wells Indoor Bowls Club