Many members enter the Internal leagues, which are played at various set times each week. A book at reception, or at the end of the season a notice on the mixed friendly notice board, enables members wishing to join leagues to register their interest and for League Team Captains to register where they want new members. The League Captains are responsible for matching up these requirements to ensure that as many league teams as possible are playing at the club.

Leagues are played throughout the day. Start times are 9.15 – 11.45, 14.00 -16.30 17.30 – 19.45.

The Club Manager has copies of a league team rota in both hard copy and electronic format that may help new league team Captains prepare their first team rotas. This is also available on the website.

When a League Team captain is unable to field a complete team and need to postpone the match, they must notify both the opposition and reception at least 24 hours in advance, and then rearrange the match within 6 weeks.

Score cards are prepared weekly and stored in the card box at reception.

In addition to the hard copy Score Cards, all scores are entered on to the BowlR System – via the iPad screens in Reception.

Postponed match cards are placed in the adjacent box for use when the match has been rearranged. Blank cards are stored at reception for use in other competition or non internal league matches.

Once the rink fees have been paid score cards are issued. Payment and score card issue is made at reception. Captains will complete players names on the score cards together with their positions.

The results are updated weekly and the latest league results are available on the BowlR system which also is the best place to look for current results and rankings,.

Two points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw. (Except for Sets Leagues – where points are awarded differently).

At the end of the season each league will have a winning team that is recognised at the end of season presentation evening. 

Bowlers on the rink at Tunbridge Wells Indoor Bowls Club