Club Competitions

Members are notified which competitions are being arranged each year, and enter these by recording their name on the sheets, on the Notice Board. 

A range of competitions are planned to ensure that novices as well as experienced bowlers have a chance to appear in a final. 

The entries are arranged in initial playing order by the Competition Secretary who then places this schedule on the competition notice board by.

The majority of competitions operate on a knock out basis with the finalists playing each other during Finals Weekend at the club.

There is an Entry Fee for each competition.

National Competitions

Members are eligible to enter national competitions which are managed by the EIBA.  Team members are selected by the Mens and Womens Selections Committee. If successful in the early rounds they will then play the final stages at a national finals venue. 

All arrangements are made by the appropriate Secretaries.

For home matches, after checking rink availability at reception. The member must then provisionally reserve these and subsequently promptly cancel the dates not required.

County Competitions

The format for county competitions is very similar to the National Competitions except the organisation is managed by either Kent County Indoor Bowls Association or Kent County Ladies Indoor Bowls Association, not the EIBA Ltd, and the finals are held at venues within the county of Kent.

Forms are available for individual entries.

Mixed Friendly Matches

Mixed Friendly matches are open to all club members. The matches are arranged by the Fixture Secretary. The Mixed Friendly Captain places notices on the notice board, located between the two changing rooms, for members to register their interest in playing. The Captain then selects teams, places this on the same notice board with start times for home matches, departure time for away matches and dress code.

For clarity:

Ladies Kent League matches, Men’s Kent League matches, Saturday evening friendly matches against outdoor clubs, all other friendlies and any fun games,  like men versus ladies etc. are posted on the boards. 

For all these games, people must put their names down if they want to play in them. Our Captains decide on the teams and put the sheets up on the boards again. 

Anyone who puts their names down to play, must keep checking the boards and when the team goes up on should tick their names to show they are still free to play.

Ladies Kent League games are on pink sheets, Men’s Kent League games are on blue sheets, Saturday evening games are on green sheets and all others generally on white sheets.

On all these games, you choose whether or not you want to play.

In the representative Club games, you are selected by a selection committee and the names of those selected, go up in the appropriate cloakrooms. You still have to tick your name off to show you are available.

All personal National and County matches are arranged by the individual participants.

Mixed Competitive Matches

The ladies and men’s captains are jointly responsible for providing players for mixed competitive matches. 

Ladies Competitive Matches

The club enters a range of national competitions in addition to friendly matches against other clubs.

Ladies wishing to play in ladies matches should enter their names on the team sheets found on the notice board in the Ladies Changing Room. The Ladies selection team, led by the Ladies Captain, meets regularly to select teams to play in their friendly and competitive matches. These teams are then posted on the ladies changing room notice board.

Men’s Competitive Matches

The club enters national and county knockout competitions in addition to two local leagues.

Team selection is organised by the Men’s Selection Team managed by the Men’s Head of Selectors.

Bowlers on the rink at Tunbridge Wells Indoor Bowls Club