The club provides free coaching to existing members or any member of the public who wishes to try bowls.  These sessions are free of charge. Coaching Bowls are available, new bowlers may play in socks. 

For those non-members wishing to give Bowls a try these coaching sessions are arranged through the club manager or the Director of Recruitment. They are eligible for 4 free coaching sessions, after which they would need to join the Club to receive further Coaching.

For Club members we ask that you contact one of the available coaches – we currently have eight. Their pictures are shown on the Club Notice Board along with their Contact details. They are all accredited by BDA and/or EBCS.

Our Coaches are available to help new and existing members to improve their Bowling prowess. It is simple to arrange:

  1. Choose the Coach you would like to work with
  2. Contact them to discuss your coaching needs
  3. Arrange a mutually convenient date and time
  4. Book the rink
  5. Pay your rink fee, when you meet your Coach at the Club

You do not pay a fee for Coaching.

Our Current Coaching team…

David Hefford
Colin Owen
Jimmy Donaldson
Graham Parsons
Graham Harris
Sue McClintock
Jill Higgins
Ray Ruff

Bowlers at the Tunbridge Wells Indoor Bowls Club