Bowling Activities

What to wear

There are broadly speaking two dress codes which we ask our members to follow:

  • For coffee mornings and internal league games and roll ups we ask that you wear white or predominantly white with royal blue markings above the waist and black or grey below the waist. For ladies, skirts, trousers or culottes are acceptable. White tops can be of any description, so long as they have a collar. Please no Tee Shirts. If you wish to wear a club shirt these are available from the Club Manager.
  • For matches where you are representing the Club we ask you to wear black trousers for all Kent League games. (Ladies can wear royal cardigans or waistcoats).For friendly matches, this will be black bottoms with white/club shirts. See the Playing Sheets for more information.

For dedicated roll up periods there is no set dress code.

Generally, we request no jeans please. 

We do not permit any drinks or food on the bowls carpet, and the only footwear is the approved flat soled shoes or stockinged feet.

Rink Restrictions

It is important that food and drink are never brought onto the playing surface. Drinks may be consumed on the rink-side around the green but food being consumed by players must only be eaten in the lounge area or restaurant.

Damage can easily be caused to the green by the use of substances such as glycerine, oil based rose water and pen markers. 

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones for texting, telephone calls, internet access or social media contact is not allowed on the bowls green or surrounding walkways. We request that mobile phones be set to silent when people are inside the club.

Rink Fees

Every person bowling at The Royals, without exception, must pay a rink fee.

Rink Bookings

Rink availability can be checked at reception or by using the BOWLR System. A rink booking can be made at the Stewards desk, in person, or over the phone. 

However, we encourage you to use the BOWLR system whenever possible.

Please ensure you state your name and member number and the number of people playing.


Two different size lockers are available for members to hire to avoid the need to transport their bowlss and bowls shoes each time they play at the club. The lockers are charged at £8 for each locker per annum. 

These are located in the two changing rooms. Any member wishing to hire a locker can do so by notifying the Club Manager who will then allocate any spare lockers as they become available. A spare key for each locker is held in the locker key cabinet in the office.

The locker key always remains club property and must be returned when, for whatever reason, a member leaves the club. Replacement keys must be paid for by members.

Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs are located by Rink 6, adjacent to the lift. Bowlers wishing to use them for the first time must receive instructions from the Club Manager before use.

Access to the bowling area must be via the portable ramp located near to the end of rink 6. After use the wheelchair batteries must be re charged.

An indoor bowling match being played